Block of the Month














Here's the fine print...

Last Friday of the month - join us for an open sew to catch up on your blocks before the next month arrives (or any other project).  No charge if you're in our Block of the Month, and just $5.00 if you're joining us for open sew.
And, because I can't decide myself which one I would like to do, sign up for 2 or more programs and get a 10% discount on two or more blocks of the month

Blocks are available the first of the month and if you want to keep going earlier, 


Our Blocks of the Month begin with payment of first and last month's payments.  They qualify for points on the card unless you opt in for the 10% on 2 or more blocks of the month.  And, (sad, but I must point this out) in order to join, you must be up to date with your previous blocks of the month.  

Background fabric for each quilt is cut from the same bolt alleviating worrying about matching.


Call 920/657-1999 or email me at to sign up soon!




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