Frivols Club by Moda

A new pre-cut shape from Moda - 7" square in a collectible tin.  Each tin is numbered, collectible, and includes the squares and a pattern.

You will be charged $36.95 (plus shipping if applicable) each month. As this is a limited edition, you are committing to pay each month by credit card, which will be kept on file.

To commit to the Frivols club, you will need to join with a $1.99 fee payable today.

Here is the information Each month a new collection will be featured:
August - Hello Darling - 40" x 40"
September - Polka Dots and Paisleys - 26" x 26"
October - Eliza's Indigo - 28" x 32"
November - Windermere - 50" x 50"

This is twelve month club and ends in July 2016.

Finishing kit available separately.

Clubs will ship in a box.
U.S. Shipping is $4.95
Canada Shipping is $13.00.
International Shipping is $20.00

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